GardenMark Artificial Grass: The Smarter Option

Commercial and residential property developers and individual homeowners are creating attractive, earth-friendly landscapes without the  expense,
maintenance, and environmental issues associated with traditional grass, using  technologically advanced artificial grass from GardenMark.
GardenMark landscaping solutions
Increase the usable space of a property by means of a permanent landscaping solution
Transform courtyards,rooftops, balconies, and terraces into inviting outdoor environments for leisure activity.
Replicate the appearance and function of lush, natural grass
Choose among three beautiful water-permeable styles, which can be installed easily in any place grass cannot grow or low maintenance is preferred.
Virtually eliminate landscape maintenance
Long-lasting, resilient artificial grass needs only occasional upkeep.
Save money and water
Reap significant cost savings, and help preserve a precious natural resource.
Reduce negative impact on the environment
Fertilizers, harmful weed killers, and pesticides are unnecessary.
Create a fresh, clean, mud-free recreation area for family and pets
GardenMark grass is also ideal for dog runs.
GardenMark, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, offers timely delivery to the tri-state area,while also
serving the entire eastern seaboard.
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